AMIRA Clarifying Toner

I’m actually not an avid fan of skin care products as I am afraid of the breakouts it can do to my skin. My usual beauty regimen starts by washing my face with an ordinary cleansing soap and follow it with a moisturizer. Pimples rarely visit me so I thought,I’m on the right track. But as days go by, I noticed that black&whiteheads started to be noticeable in my nose and some in my lower lip. That ‘s when I decided to include a Facial Toner in my daily beauty routine.  As I google about the essence of using a Facial Toner,I found these awesome benefits:

1. It tightens our pores to make it look smaller. Hence, preventing the cause of pimples and oily skin .

2. It removes excess dirt and makeup which cannot be cleansed with an ordinary soap.

3. It removes dead skin cells and refreshes our skin.

4. Toner that contains glycolic or other alpha hydroxy acids helps prevent ingrown hairs which can be an aid in grooming facial hair.

I went to Watsons and while searching on some Facial Toners available, my eyes bumped in to Amira Clarifying Toner. Here’s the actual photo of my favorite toner so far:


What made me decide to try this?Because this toner is specifically made to reduce blackheads and whiteheads and it is the cheapest among the toners available in Watsons. I forgot how much it did cost me,but I’m sure that I didn’t hurt my wallet so much. 🙂

Will I purchase this item again? Definitely YES.

Oh,wait. Just to let know, I am no way connected to the company in which this product was manufactured. It’s just that i really appreciate how this product made wonders in my disgusting black and whiteheads in just a couple of weeks! 🙂 But of course, what works for me may not work for everyone.What’s important is to really look for a skin care product that will perfectly match your skin type.


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