a happy wife is a happy life! 🙂

We were able to buy a box bon o bon chocolates (box of 30) and maltesers (150g) for Php 149.50 (about $3.74) only! We used our SM advantage points which we collected during our Christmas shopping last December.

See, little pennies have the potential to grow into something big only if we knew how to care for it.
Reward cards an help you indulge with your guilty pleasures without burning a hole in your pocket. So, why not check on what your advantage cards/ reward cards can give you today? 🙂

My random thoughts trying to appreciate small things.. haaayy.. :p




100 days with Him

What a wonderful morning to wake up with the most important person in the world—my husband cheering & convincing me to stretch up and read the bible first thing in the morning. Hey, rare is the man who can do that, and I’m blessed to have one! 😀  

We just had our once every week couples’ night last friday in our community church.We usually gather to share some funny, crazy & encouraging thoughts about married life. The discussion will start by sharing our High (good things that happened to us during the week), Low (things that made us upset during the week) Bible readings (a must!) , and the newest on the list, answering “What is the best thing your spouse did to you this week?”. Then we will end up reviewing the last topic discussed during Sunday service.

Part of our group’s resolution is to devote ourselves in reading God’s word with our spouse first thing in the morning. Our pastor recommended a book entitled, “Praying for our Marriage”. The book contains 100 days of devotional readings which you and your spouse can read over a cup of coffee to set the tone of your marriage for the rest of your day.  We were able to get a copy of the book last night and we’ve just finished reading the first chapter,yey! 😀


According to the book, each chapter contains an essay, Bible verse, quotations, and a prayer, all of which can help you and your beloved focus on the blessings and opportunities that God has placed before you.


My hubby read the book for me over a cup of coffee and we prayed right after.’twas so amazing and I really feel loved and secured with the the man I married a year ago.See, even our mugs were so in love & happy! Lol! 

Marriage is designed by God to make our life easy because according to His word in Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for a man to be alone; I will make a helper suitable for him.”  Having someone to grow old and share this life with us is indeed an expression that God loves and He really cares for us. So let’s not forget to include our Creator in our marriage life by reading His words, “For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36




My DIY Wedding Elements

My Hubby and I finally had our Bohemian themed church wedding held last December 2012. Though church wedding isn’t a necessity for us who already went through a civil wedding last October 2011, we did it. Why? Because we wanted to present our love & marriage in front of the Lord. (oh, i feel so inlove again,lol!)

Anyway, let’s proceed to the nitty-gritty. Let me share to you my DIY Bridal Bouquet which i super love!

ImagePhoto courtesy of 

I’m not a fan of fresh flowers and I don’t even want to splurge in buying an expensive fresh flower bouquet. I wanna be unique that I’ve decided to create my own bouquet made of jute sack flowers, old fabrics, ribbons,trinkets, scrapbook accessories, and artificial flowers.

  ImagePhoto courtesy of 

Oh, my lovely mini bouquets made specially for my bridesmaids & my two beautiful moms.I actually made 9 pieces of these.Power! 😀


Photo courtesy of 

Our ring and coin pillow made of jute sack added with some cute embellishments on top.


Photo courtesy of

My groom’s boutonniere (left) accented with a wooden guitar pendant.


Photo courtesy of

Of course, we can’t leave the match behind! 🙂


Photo courtesy of

And lastly,our DIY wedding invitation.

I will try to post more of our DIY wedding stuffs as soon as I receive the photos from our supplier. 🙂


Hey budget wives! I just found a good way to shop without stressing your pocket too much!

I recently went on a Ukay shop near our place to check on some good finds there. An ukay shop usually sells preloved clothes, bags, shoes,accessories, etc at a budget friendly price. But ukay is never a cheap dirt stuff if you know how to find treasures out of it! 🙂

Here are the photos of some of my good finds (i put a name i each item because I’m thinking of reselling these to those who do not want to spend hours looking for cheap great finds ):
ALEXANDRA Why not wear a black tube dress perfect for a dinner date with hubby? wearing black creates an illusion of slim body.

animal skin print copy

  i love animal prints because it looks fierce and sexy. plus point for the zip on function of the dress.. 🙂


 i looooove the lacey detail at the back of this romper dress. perfect for the wives at work.

ELISEWho doesn’t love pink dress? this dress is perfect on a sunday date with the most important man in your life.


I don’t know why, but wearing a boyfriend polo makes me think of something sexy. Yay! 😀


i love how formal looking this vest dress is.


look young and hip on this two piece loose shirt  and your hubby will surely remember when he first met you.

See? buying pre-loved stuffs can never be cheap-looking if you just know how to look for a good quality clothes that will suit your personality.Remember, great treasures are often hidden, so keep on searching until you find the most perfect treasure for you!

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